Seminars and Conferences

27-28 Jun. 2024 @Mannheim, DE 22nd ZEW Conference on the Economics of ICT, ZEW Mannheim (planned)

26 Mar. 2024 @London, UK OCEA External Seminar Series, Competition and Markets Authority

17 Nov. 2023 @Milan, IT Brown Bag, Bocconi University

5-6 Oct. 2023 @Strasbourg, FR 6th Doctoral workshop on Quantitative Dynamic Economics, University of Strasbourg

7-8 Set. 2023 @Bilbao, ES XXXVII Jornadas de Economia Industrial, University of the Basque Country

28-31 Aug. 2023 @Barcelona, ES EEA-ESEM Barcelona 2023, Barcelona School of Economics

30-1 Jul. 2023 @Thessaloniki, GR 8th International PhD Meeting in Economics 2023, University of Macedonia

20 Jun. 2023 @Amsterdam, NL Invited Research Seminar, De Nederlandsche Bank

12 Jun. 2023 @The Hague, NL KVS New Paper Sessions 2023, Leiden University

1-3 Jun. 2023 @Nairobi, KE 2023 Africa Meeting Econometric Society, African Economic Research Consortium (virtual)

25 May 2023 @Amsterdam, NL Tinbergen Institute PhD Job Market Jamboree 2023, Tinbergen Institute (organizer)

3-5 Apr. 2023 @Glasgow, UK RES & SES 2023 Annual Conference, University of Glasgow

4 Nov. 2022 @The Hague, NL Nederlandse Economenweek 2022, Leiden University

6-7 Oct. 2022 @Brussels, BE The Covid-shock and the New Macroeconomic Landscape, European Commission

14-15 Sep. 2022 @Luxembourg, LU CompNet 2022 Annual Conference & EIB-ENRI, European Investment Bank

28-30 Jun. 2022 @Madison, US Society for Economic Dynamics, SED 2022 Annual Meeting, University of Wisconsin-Madison

20-22 Jun. 2022     @Milan, IT     4th International Conference on European Studies, University of Milano-Bicocca

17 Jun. 2022 @The Hague, NL KVS New Paper Sessions 2022, Leiden University

21-22 Apr. 2022 @London, UK 25th Conference on Theories and Methods in Macroeconomics, King's College London (virtual)

29 Mar. 2022 @New York, US Student Macroeconomics Lunch Seminar, New York University

16-18 Dec. 2021 @Barcelona, ES 46th Simposio de la Asociación Española de Economía, University of Barcelona

8-10 Dec. 2021 @Canterbury, UK Firm Dynamics, Market Structures and Productivity in the Macroeconomy, University of Kent (virtual)

19-21 Nov. 2021 @Coimbra, PT 17th Conference on the Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data, University of Coimbra

5 Nov. 2021 @The Hague, NL Nederlandse Economenweek 2021, Leiden University

16-18 Sep. 2021 @Ventotene, IT 1st Ventotene Workshop in Macroeconomics, Sapienza University 

27-28 Jul. 2021 @Milan, IT 11th RCEA Money, Macro & Finance Conference, U. Milan-Bicocca and California, Riverside (virtual)

29 Jun. 2021 @Amsterdam, NL Tinbergen Institute PhD Job Market Jamboree 2021, Tinbergen Institute (virtual)

24-26 Jun. 2021 @Warwick, UK 9th Warwick Economics PhD Conference 2021, Warwick University (virtual)

18 Jun. 2021 @The Hague, NL KVS New Paper Sessions 2021, Leiden University

17 Nov. 2020 @Amsterdam, NL Nederlandse Economenweek 2020, De Nederlandsche Bank (virtual)

17 Jun. 2020 @The Hague, NL KVS New Paper Sessions 2020, Leiden University (virtual)

23-24 Apr. 2020 @Oxford, UK NuCamp Virtual PhD Workshop, Oxford University (virtual)

4 Dec. 2019 @Rotterdam, NL Tinbergen Institute Macro Day, Erasmus University Rotterdam

18 Apr. 2017 @Amsterdam, NL Lunch Seminar, De Nederlandsche Bank